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2024 Spring notice to seasonal water users


Greater Ramsey Water District will begin turning on curb stops for the season next week.  Users need to call the office at 701-662-5781 or toll-free (in state) at 888-223-0090 to schedule an appointment for water to be turned on.  Meters must be installed prior to appointment.  Appointments need to be scheduled prior to Friday for service to be available for the weekend.  Care should be taken to protect the meter should temperatures drop below freezing after water is turned on.  Appointments will be scheduled beginning Wednesday, May 8, 2024.  Please note that if temperatures drop close to or below freezing, you must protect the meter.  In the event of a frozen or damaged meter, you will be required to install a deep meter pit at your expense. (Pit and install $2,000, plus cost of damaged parts)

GRWD will be installing radio reads on the seasonal meters this season when we turn on your water service.  These units will be secured to the meter.  Once installed, you will no longer need to submit your reading.  When you remove your meter in the fall, you will REMOVE BOTH THE METER AND ATTACHED RADIO AND STORE IN A FROST-FREE LOCATION.

Curb stops are shut off for the season between September 15 and October 1 as determined by weather conditions.

E-mail notice is sent to users when service is available to be turned on in the spring or off in the fall, provided GRWD has a valid email address on file. 

Check out our web site (www.grwdnd.com) and consider signing up for email or text alerts to keep informed on what is happening within the system. You can also sign up for autopay and/or paperless statements for your convenience.

If you are considering having your water service available for year-round use or are planning to move the meter to an indoor location, please contact our office for change of service requirements.

We wish you an enjoyable and safe summer! Please contact our office if you have any questions regarding your service.