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Unseasonably cold temperatures and the snow pack are setting us up for an excess melt run off this spring.  GRWD would like to take a proactive approach in preventing issues and are requesting your cooperation to take measures that will protect the rural sewer system from becoming inundated and susceptible to failure.

Article IX of the GRWD Ordinance states “any flows from a non-septic source is prohibited.”  Sump pump connections to our municipal sewer are a direct code violation that will result in a $500.00 fine if not remedied in a reasonable time frame. 

Overloaded lift stations cause heightened cost of operation and maintenance, accelerated pump wear and tear, and can result in raw sewage inundating basements. 

 GRWD requests all homeowners to take a few minutes to check their sewer connections to ensure groundwater is not entering the sanitary sewer.  Also check outdoor areas to make sure that low lying areas are not draining into septic tanks.   Contact GRWD if you see areas in your yard that appear to be taking more run off than normal as this could indicate a broken pipe or missing cap.  Also, contact our office if you notice water pooling near manholes and/or lift stations.  These drainage issues can quickly overtake a system that is susceptible to infiltration during spring thaw.

GRWD staff will be able to assist and inspect your system if needed.  Contact us at 701-662-5781 or on our website, www.grwdnd.com – customer service – contact us – repair department.  By working together we can be good stewards and neighbors.

Thank you for your assistance.

Lonnie Lacina