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Email Address

Mailing Address
Greater Ramsey Water District
PO Box 1257
Devils Lake, ND  58301-1257

Physical Address
113 Shamrock Ln SE
Devils Lake, ND

Phone Numbers
701-662-5781     Main Office
888-223-0090     Toll Free – In State Only
701-662-6623     Fax

Emergencies after hours:     Call 701-662-5323 (Law Enforcement Center) and leave a message with operator.  The employee on-call will be contacted. 

Payment Options
Mail – Use envelope provided with statement
Autopay – Billed amount is drafted monthly on the 10th from your preauthorized account - no charge for this service
In Person – Bills can be paid in person 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. Monday thru Friday
Check By Phone – Payment information can be taken by phone during office hours; convenience fee applies

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