• The Ramsey County Water Resource District (RCWRD) was the main sponsor for the development of rural water and sewer systems currently serving the rural citizens of the Lake Region area. The RCWRD established Creel Domestic Utilities back in 1984 for the purpose of collecting waste water and sewage from rural Devils Lake. The project was completed with Ramsey County owning and maintaining the system.
  • The push for a rural water system began in 1988 with Creel Domestic taking the lead in promoting and obtaining a potable water supply for the rural areas around the City of Devils Lake and Ramsey County. The project needed a sponsor with the ability to bond and borrow money. An agreement was signed between Creel Domestic Utilities and RCRWD to transfer all interest pertaining to the project over to the RCWRD. The project was completed in 1992 and began serving 700 users. The project included a treatment plant, elevated tower, transmission line, main line and service lines.
  • The County owned the sewer system and RCWRD owned the water system. An agreement was signed in 1992 between Ramsey County and RCWRD whereas RCWRD agreed to take over the day to day operations of both the water and sewer systems under one set of employees thus forming Ramsey County Rural Utilities.
  • RCWRD completed studies for expansion of the system in 1998 and 2001 for the area south of the Treatment Plant and to add customers on the existing system.
  • The plans for expansion were completed in March of 2002 and presented to the SWC for approval for MR&I funding.
  • The SWC approved a 72% grant on a $13 million dollar project in April of 2002 with bids opened on May 29, 2002. Northern Improvement Company of Bismarck was awarded the contract in June on 2002 and started work in August.
  • The  majority of the expansion project was completed by 2005 with and the final expansion hook-up being completed July of 2006
  • The final number of users being added during the expansion project - 343 to existing system, 232 users in the south area with the Cities of Kensal, Glenfield, and 130 in the Carrington area for a total of 705.
  • The conversion to a true Water District in the eyes of the State of North Dakota is complete. Ramsey County Rural Utilities is now officially doing business as Greater Ramsey Water District. The conversion was completed on May 1, 2006 by the signing of the Administrative Order No. 06-01 by Dale Frink the state engineer.
  • RCWRD and Ramsey County have turned over the assets and liabilities of both the rural water and rural sewer systems to GRWD. GRWD owns and operates both systems. 
  • The area served is approximately 7000 sq miles in size. The northern most user is located approximately 30 miles north of Devils Lake. The most southern user is located 2 miles south of Kensal or 87 miles from DL.
  • The western most users is 5 miles west of Churchs Ferry and the eastern most user is located 2 miles east of Doyon.
  • GRWD employs 4 full time employees and 1 permanent part time employee.
  • There is staff on call 24 hour a day, 7 days, and 365 days a year.


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